Nov 16, 2014

STPM belum habisss


Hai pembaca yang setia, ada ke ? :p eventhough i didn't have any royal reader but i have the one and only Allah that always know what i'm doing in my daily life hihi.. for your information, this is my final year at my school, which mean i will say "Goodbye" to Smk Tawau that give me a lot of memories which have some part of the memories are the bad one and of course i will not forget it especially that guys in my class always make me feel annoying and bullying me arghh -,-
okay, lets move on to the topic.. STPM belum habis ? Haa, sebetulnya dah habis pun penggal 3, tapi aku ada subject yang perlu diulang iaitu fizik dan math tulen.. kedua-dua subjek ni aku ulang dalam penggal 1 dan 2, dan nak mengulang ni bukan cuma kena bayar malah kena struggle study balik benda yang dah kita lupaaa ! Sabar lah, Allah kan ada, dengan kita percaya kepada Allah maka Dia akan permudahkan segalanya inshaaAllah :)
last but not least, good luck to all spm and stpm candidates including my classmates.. we all can do it, remember teacher Chong say 'no regret after coming out from the exam hall' so we have to show that we can get flying colours in stpm result and dont ever think that we have to repeat again term 3 subjects, just believe in yourself and the rest make doa and keep praying inshaAllah God will help all of us.. ok i'm gotta go now, and study for my math, the next entry i will post about my graduation night ! hehe, just wait and see.. assalamualaikum :)

Thankx For Reading :)

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